INDIANAPOLIS – State Senator Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) has authored multiple proposals to be considered in the 2018 legislative session. One of those proposals focuses on implementing a bias crimes law and another would lower the compulsory age for school attendance.

Bias Crimes

Indiana is currently one of only five states that does not have a law addressing crimes carried out because of a bias against the victim. Senate Bill (SB) 271 would require law enforcement officers to receive training in identifying and responding to bias-motivated crimes. The proposal would also establish sentencing procedures for crimes committed due to a bias and allow victims of these crimes to collect damages.

“It’s time that Indiana do better than the 45 states who already recognize the heinous nature of these crimes,” Sen. Taylor said.

Compulsory attendance age

SB 272 would reduce the age at which students must be registered for school. Currently, Indiana students must be enrolled in school if they are seven years old on or before August 1. If approved, this proposal would lower the compulsory age for school attendance to five years old, ensuring a more adequate educational foundation for Hoosier students. Sen. Taylor is working closely with Superintendent of Public Instruction Jennifer McCormick on this initiative.

“Early childhood education serves as a vital foundation for Indiana students and their continued success,” Sen. Taylor said.    

Committee Assignments

In the 2018 Indiana legislative session, Senator Taylor will be serving the interests of his district as the Ranking Minority Member on the Civil Law Committee and the Corrections and Criminal Law Committee. Senator Taylor also serves on the following committees: Appropriations, Judiciary, and Public Policy.