INDIANAPOLIS – Today the Indiana Senate passed House Bill (HB) 1002 legislation hiking taxes to fund infrastructure improvements in the state. State Senator Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) issued the following statement regarding his vote.

“No one argues that we shouldn’t be doing something to address our state’s crumbling infrastructure. I travel the streets in my district and know that there are needs to be addressed.

“However, HB 1002 is not the vehicle to address our problems. The current version of the bill calls for fees on each tire purchased, higher excise taxes at the BMV, and overall higher fuel taxes for each driver.

“Currently, the State of Indiana is in the process of reducing our corporate tax and financial institutions tax rates. At the same time, we are telling Hoosiers they should be paying more for roads and bridges. Individual tax payers should not be shouldering the burden.

“Furthermore, fewer dollars will be coming to local units of government for local roads, and the state will keep most of the money for state roads.

“Our state’s current infrastructure condition is a result of nearly a decade of neglect by Governors and the Republican super majorities in both chambers.”