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Information provided by @INSenDems, the official caucus Twitter account

SB 116, authored by @SenTallian, will encourage tenants and landlords to settle any existing disputes through eviction settlement conferences. #DemandJustice

@SenKarenTallian introduces amendment 2 to change the “effective date” of bill. Amendment fails.

Senator Taylor offers Amendment #3 which would remove Marion County from being subject to SB 116

@Sen_GregTaylor‘s amendment, excluding Marion County from bill, fails 26-22.

SB 141, a contentious bill that would strip funding from Indianapolis’ INDYGO, hurting the city’s purple and blue line, is called down. SB 141 is one of several bills introduced this session attacking the city of Indianapolis. More from Indy Star

@SenJeanBreaux: “I am proud to represent Washington Street. You will see lots of bus stops with people waiting to take those rides.”
“All they know is that they need to access public transportation for them to be able to get where they need to go, to do what they need to do, to provide for their families.”
“The voters did speak and they voted to have public transportation that would accommodate all those who were not able to drive.” –@SenJeanBreaux

“Folks with disabilities depend on this service.” –@SenatorJDFord

“This legislation seems to be cruel and ill-timed to say the least. Hoosiers are struggling to meet their basic needs following the economic downturn of this pandemic.” 

“Some bills seems to want to protect and others seem to just want to pick a fight.”
“Raising rates will only put more stress on families already struggling to make ends meet.”
“To get to the airport from the Statehouse, an @IndyGoBusfare would be $1.75. If you want to use Lyft, it’s $24.” – @SenatorYoder

“Did you know Indianapolis was short-changed over $70M over the last ten years because of the funding formula?”

“The voters never voted on the 10% requirement. It was a deal that was done within the walls of the General Assembly.” – @SenFadyQaddoura
Now speaking on the bill, @SenFadyQaddourasays, “We as a General Assembly did not fulfill our responsibility to the economic engine of Indiana.”
“79% of Marion county precincts and 19 out of 25 city council districts voted to support @IndyGoBus
Leader @Sen_GregTaylor: “What happens is people tell you stuff and it becomes fact. Interesting.”
“During peak travel times, the system is geared to move traffic.”
“I can’t wait until the next opinion gets asked whether federal money is tax dollars. What this does is sets a precedent, because in every case that comes up in regards to federal money, [federal money] better be considered tax dollars.”
“If you want to kill the purple line, then go ahead and vote for this. Because that will be the ramification.”
“I urge you to defeat this bill. Please… help me help the people of Indianapolis and the businesses.” –@Sen_GregTaylor
SB 141 is called for vote. Bill passes 32-17

Yesterday @SenFord offered multiple amendments to SB 196 which has just been called for 3rd reading. Those amendments failed.

Those amendments were proposed to prevent discriminatory funding procedures in schools.

SB 196 just passed the Senate.

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SB 200 has been called to the floor for 3rd reading.

Indiana prosecutors oppose this legislation because it makes it more difficult for them to do their job and most Hoosiers agree that people shouldn’t be thrown in jail for non-violent drug offenses.

SB 200 is a blatant attempt to take away power from prosecutors who want to prioritize violent crime over non-violent drug offenses.

“I was Deputy Prosecutor for awhile. One of the most important tools that we had was discretion. Sometimes with a police officer, they would present the case that they had and they would give their opinion on what the prosecutor should do, based upon the facts.” –@SenatorRandolph

“Sometimes you just can’t get to everything. Sometimes there are reasons why in one county or another you just would not prosecute some things.” – @SenKarenTallian

SB 200 passes with a vote of 29 to 20.

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SB 201, which is co-authored by @SenKarenTallian, passes out of the senate with a vote of 29 to 20.

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An amendment has been offered to SB 205 by @SenatorJDFord which would encourage teachers to receive social emotional training. “The trauma informed approach changes the way schools support students.”

The amendment fails.

On SB 205, @SenShelliYoder had this to say: “People traveled from all over the state to support the bill only to have the bill changed without an opportunity to speak on it as it changed.”
“Compensation tops the reasons for teachers in Indiana for there being a shortage.” – @SenShelliYoder

“You can certainly have content experience but if you don’t know how to manage a classroom, your content will not do them or you any good.” –

“A safe and supportive environment creates resilience in students who have experienced trauma.”- @SenatorJDFord

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@SenNiezgodski‘s SB 259, which would protect parents with disabilities from having their parenting rights stripped away solely on the basis that that individual has a disability is called down. Bill passes unanimously.
@TimLananes SB 276, granting guardians the power to make certain arrangements for protected persons after death, passes Senate with a vote 46-3.

SB 353, a proposal prohibiting the Indiana Election Commission from expanding absentee vote-by-mail, and barring the governor from changing the manner of holding an election during a emergency is called to floor.

@Sen_GregTaylor speaks against bill, citing a lack of issue with changes that were made this past election year due to the pandemic. “Please, please. This bill is not necessary.”
SB 353 passes.

SB 358, which deals with transferring vacant school buildings to charter schools, is called down.

@SenatorJDFordcalls Amendment #2 which would require school corporations to hold three public meetings before leasing a school building to a charter school. The amendment fails.

On SB 358, @SenFadyQaddoura: “I don’t think its fair for the taxpayers who supported the referendum for a specific school district that their dollars go to another school without their permission.”

@SenEddieMelton: “I am fundamentally in opposition to the whole proposal of selling schools for a dollar.”
SB 358 passes out of the senate.

Under @SenKarenTallian‘s bill, certain juvenile offenses would be automatically expunged and, under most circumstances, a juvenile would be prohibited from being housed with adult inmates before trial. SB 368 also defines juvenile competency.

@SenKarenTallian “Anyone under the age of 21 is incompetent about whether they can drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes… at some point, people of reasonable minds would agree that a child is incompetent both to stand trial & to form the correct criminal intent.”

“Whoever votes for this should be ashamed. We should understand that an 11 year old should not be on the same level as an adult.” –

@Sen_GregTayloron Senate Republican amendment to remove language in juvenile justice bill that presumes a child younger than 11 is not competent.
Amendment removing language presuming that a child younger than 11 is not competent passes with voice vote.
Authored by @SenKarenTallian, SB 368 has been called to the floor for 3rd reading. #INLegis
SB 368 would expunge certain juvenile offenses, sets up a procedure for determining juvenile competency and acknowledges that children are not adults and should not be treated the same way.
SB 368 passes out of the senate with a vote of 46 to 1.

“This is a win-win-win for Hoosiers…. passage of SB 373 would lead to new carbon offsets being generated right here in Indiana.” – @SenatorYoder

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On SB 380, @Sen_GregTaylor: “Hamilton County, during our last courts bill, was given the ability to appoint a new magistrate and I’m happy to report that for the first time in its history, they appointed a magistrate of color.”

“Our communities are changing… I think it would only behoove us to have this kind of demographic info… but if you want me to sit down then put it as part of the law and I won’t have to get up to speak.” – @Sen_GregTaylor

Also on SB 380, @SenatorRandolph: “I hope that in terms of Lake County, that there is consideration of minorities.”

SB 380 passes unanimously out of the Senate. It now heads to the House for consideration. #INLegis

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SB 396 has been called to the floor for 3rd reading. SB 396 amends the definition of “salary of a first class patrolman or first class firefighter” for the purpose of benefits paid from, & contributions made to, the 1977 police officers’ & firefighters’ pension & disability fund.

SB 396 passes the Senate unanimously.

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SB 413, a proposal that would divert money from traditional public schools and redirect them to a school choice scholarship, is called for a vote.

@SenEddieMelton: “I don’t think it was fair to put the no accountability grade in this legislation.”

“I firmly believe in order for us to have this conversation, we have to figure out the total picture for all schools in state of Indiana. 90% of our children are in traditional public schools.” – @SenEddieMelton

SB 413 passes 32 to 15.

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