Hoosiers, here are some things we think you should know as residents of Indiana:

Blood Donations

While the Indiana Blood Center is always in need of consistent donations, the Center recently issued an “emergency appeal for blood donors to help bolster a critically low blood supply,” according the the IndyStar. The Center is in specific need for O positive and negative types of blood. If you have ever thought about donating, or have donated before, now would be a great time to ensure Hoosiers receive the lifesaving blood they need by donating soon!

I-65 Construction

If your daily commute takes you through I-65 in Indianapolis, you are probably already aware of the construction that has slowed down your trip to work each morning. But, if you haven’t seen the news and are planning to drive through the capital, portions of I-65 and downtown are closed off until August 5 due to several road and bridge construction projects. If you know you’re making a trip on I-65 soon, check out where the construction projects are taking place to avoid major delays in your travel.

Investment Fraud Scams

The following information is courtesy of Indiana MoneyWise and the Secretary of State’s Office:

“$CAMMED: Investment Fraud Revealed is a 30-minute documentary featuring the stories of real investment fraud in Indiana. In watching $CAMMED, you will experience these cases through the eyes of the victims who lost their hard-earned savings, and hear from the Indiana Secretary of State securities investigators who worked tirelessly to bring the fraudsters to justice.  $CAMMED is designed to be educational.  The office of the Indiana Secretary of State aims to improve awareness of such scams and the tactics used by fraudsters.  In learning this, we hope Hoosier investors will be better able to spot potential fraud and know what steps to take to report these crimes.  At the conclusion of the video, we urge you to Search the Database to ensure your financial professional has proper licensing and registration.”

Real ID
If you haven’t been to the BMV recently, you may be surprised to learn that there are new federally-required updates to your Indiana driver’s license, for certain instances. If you have not updated your license or other state credentials to include the Real ID status by October 1, 2020, you will not be able to board an airplane or visit a federal facility. To get the Real ID indicator, you must present the following documents when you go into the BMV: a document showing proof of identity (including name and birthdate), one document showing lawful status, proof of your social security number as well as two documents showing proof of residency. For more information about Real ID, visit the BMV website.

Railroad funding application
Indiana has launched the Local Trax Rail Overpass Program which will provide $125 million in funding to improve safety at local railroad junctions, including making railroad grade separations, closing crossings and more. The application for communities to apply opened on May 1 and will remain open until August 31. Do you think your community could benefit from this type of funding? Click here to learn more about the program and how your local community can apply.

DNR Things to Do
The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has released a great list of special events taking place in Indiana in 2018 at our State Parks. Take a hike with your family, enjoy free fishing days or go with your significant other to a summer concert. Check out the full list for dozens of ideas of activities to keep you busy this summer and throughout the rest of the year!