Organization Day is an important legislative day that occurs annually. This year, it will take place on Tuesday, November 19, marking the ceremonial start of the legislative session. All members of the General Assembly are expected to be present at the statehouse for the year’s first roll call. Usually, any new member of the General Assembly is also sworn in on this day. Although legislators meet for session on Organization Day, the 2020 legislative session will not go into full swing until next year on January 6.

During Organization Day, caucuses in both chambers have the opportunity to meet with their respective caucus to begin discussing and planning for the upcoming 2020 session. Typically, Senate Democrats release their agenda for the upcoming session on or around Organization Day. This year, Senate Democrats will be holding a press conference the day before Organization Day to share the details of their 2020 agenda and bill ideas. Tune in to the Senate Democrats Facebook page on Monday at 10:00 a.m. to see the unveiling of our 2020 legislative agenda.

This year’s Organization Day is expected to be especially eventful as teachers from all across the state will be joining together at the statehouse for a Red for Ed rally. Teachers will be rallying and meeting with legislators, including Democratic Senators, to express concerns over teacher pay, school funding, accountability and more. If you are – or know – a teacher who would want to share their story or concerns at the rally, find out how you can share a testimony with us here.

Though it’s primarily a ceremonial day, Organization Day officially signals the beginning of the legislative session, and there is no shortage of important issues to tackle this spring. It’s important to begin reaching out to your state senators and representatives now about issues that are important to you. Follow this link to find out who your Indiana legislators are and make sure #YourVoice is heard this session!