During Senator JD Fords first session, he was busy working to protect every single resident in District 29. Here are some of the proposals Senator JD Ford advocated for since getting elected.

Senator JD Ford authored Senate Bill (SB) 430 to bring back net metering and put our state’s energy independence back in the hands of Hoosiers. Residents should be credited for the energy they generate at home. Unfortunately, Statehouse Republicans sided with big utility companies over consumers, and they denied this proposal a committee hearing.

Senator JD Ford authored SB 432 to create a statewide animal abuse registry to help animal shelters and breeders keep animals out of the hands of convicted abusers. This effort was supported by many in the state but was defeated by the majority party. Senator Ford also fought hard to successfully kill a predatory payday lending bill, which would have allowed interest rates on small loans to skyrocket to 167 percent.

Senator JD Ford authored SB 345 in order to protect the students of for-profit colleges that shut down in our state. These institutions leave our hard-working students with debt but no degree. This bill never received a committee hearing.

In response to news that two Roncalli High School counselors had been mistreated because of their same-sex marriages, Senator JD Ford authored SB 344. This bill would have barred schools that receive state voucher funds from discriminating against staff or students. SB 344 did not receive a committee hearing, and attempts to get language into the budget were blocked by Republicans.

As a member of the Senate Elections Committee, Senator JD Ford worked to make voting easier and more transparent for all Hoosiers while cracking down on voter suppression.