Below are some of the bills Senator Taylor worked on during the 2019 legislative session.

Reforming the public defender’s system
After a year-long study of the public defense system, the Indiana Task Force on Public Defense gave several recommendations on how to reform and improve our system. Senator Taylor authored Senate Enrolled Act (SEA) 488, which was successfully approved in the legislature and signed into law by the governor to meet two of the five recommendations put forth in the Task Force’s initiative. This legislation will bring about reform to improve and strengthen our public defense system.

Requiring screening for newborns
This session, Senator Taylor joined several of his colleagues to draft SEA 41. This proposal will require newborns to be examined for Krabbe disease, Pompe disease, and Hurler syndrome – all fatal diseases. Screening newborns will ensure that these illnesses are detected early to provide better, faster care for Hoosier babies.

License reinstatement fee program
Senator Taylor drafted Senate Bill (SB) 210 to create a program to help individuals with a suspended license get their license reinstated at a reduced fee. Decreased costs would have made the fee more affordable, resulting in the state actually collecting more revenue and fewer people driving without a license. While SB 210 successfully made it out of the Senate, it was never given a committee hearing in the House of Representatives. However, a bill with similar language drafted by House Representative Robin Shackleford (D-Indianapolis), HB 1141, successfully made it through the legislature.