Below are some of the bills Senator Tallian worked on during the 2019 legislative session.

Creating new healthcare options
This session, Senator Tallian authored a bill to supplement the healthcare options for Hoosiers who rely on emergency services. By creating an Emergency Medical Service (EMS) paramedicine program, Senate Enrolled Act (SEA) 498 will allow paramedics to be reimbursed by Medicaid for primary care they give to patients. Medics already have the knowledge and capability to treat these patients in their own homes for routine care. SEA 498 will help keep Hoosiers from falling through the cracks when it comes to their healthcare.

Legalizing medical marijuana
Senator Tallian has been advocating for a statewide medical marijuana program for several years and continued to do so this session by filing Senate Bill 213. It is past time for Indiana to join the 33 other states that have legalized medical cannabis as an alternative treatment for various ailments. Since marijuana programs cannot be approved by a ballot initiative in Indiana, it is up to the legislature to follow the will of our constituents.

Fighting for a fair budget
This session, Senator Tallian worked diligently to make sure the state budget benefited all Hoosiers. Unfortunately, on the last two days of the session, Statehouse Republicans met behind closed doors to remove all the programs I advocated for. The budget does not include a pay raise for teachers, even though the Senate Democrats had a way to pay for it, but further increased funding for charter and voucher schools at the expense of public schools. Senator Tallian was especially frustrated that the $800,000 she had secured for Lake Michigan shoreline revitalization was completely stripped out. As ranking minority member on the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator Tallian will continue to fight arbitrary budget proposals that do not benefit Hoosiers.